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Do Life #Diffferent.

Kind of has a ring to it, but…what exactly does it mean? Shave a checkerboard pattern on your head? Wear mismatched socks?

We live in a world that is searching to be different by being the same. 

Fashion-forward dressers prove that Different becomes cool and soon everybody needs a mustache on their wallet. Once the masses follow, Different pops up again in the shape of bell-bottomed pants.

There will always be masses searching for someone to follow but the leaders of society embrace “Different.”

Not just because they can’t bear being the same as someone else, not because they don’t like Taylor Swift’s new song, but because Success is Different. Success isn’t found by the masses. Success isn’t achieved by doing the same things as everyone else. Success requires risks. Success requires doing things others won’t do. Stepping out of our comfort zones. Taking actions the masses say are crazy. Being willing to stand out. Teased. Put down.

I’m Doing Life #Diffferent, because Success starts with being Different. 

I’m not saying you have to drop out of college like Bill Gates, go barefoot like Steve Jobbs, or name your kids Kermit, Ethel, and Archibald like Theodore Roosevelt. I am saying, embrace change, try a new angle, and get used to people thinking you’re crazy.

Trust me, they will. Different makes folks uncomfortable.

This blog is the story of my pursuit to be different. 

I’m not saying you should choose to live life like I do. Heavens no.

Live your own dream!

Get your own life.

These posts are just to prime your pump, to help encourage, motivate, and equip you to take the dare of a lifetime. (They are also where I talk myself into doing stuff.)

I’m young, and some criticize my optimism and “far-fetched” ideas. I appreciate your perspective, but when I’m 40, I don’t exactly want to be old, fat, bored, and jaded. I follow advice from those who are young-at-heart, vibrant, wise, and successful. People I want to be like when I’m wrinkled from a wealth of memories and life-lessons.

**Side note: Why do we listen so much to those we don’t want to be like, anyways?

This blog isn’t just my story. It’s a culmination of what I have learned, what I continue to learn, and the stories of those who are light years beyond me in this joyous, radical, adventure of living life different. Like me, The Kathryn Joy Blog will change and grow.

This Blog is for:

  1. The Dreamer
  2. The Curious
  3. The Adventurer 
  4. The Pursuer of Different 

If you’re skeptical, doubtful, and plagued with worry, I’m sorry. I’m not going to convince you to change.

But if you’ll look through a couple posts, you’ll find they aren’t all feel-good-testimonies of bubbles, love and unicorns.

Life is hard. Pain is real. We live in a world of hurt and death. 

I realize this. 

I also realize the power of embracing fire. That is when we grow, learn, and triumph.

Let’s go on a journey together.



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