Confessions of A Lazy Nutritionalist

So, as you all know by now, I’m a 20-year-old, passionate, determined person. I throw all my energy into whatever I’m excited about and I would describe myself as driven and action-oriented. But, I’ll admit, I have been downright lazy about my health.

I’ve always loved athletics, and my high-metabolism keeps me eating ALL the time, buttt I have been the nutritional rebel of the family.


Two reasons.

First: Health takes too much time. I mean, I enjoy working out, but spending valuable time in the kitchen creating Trim Healthy Mama Trama cookies just isn’t my thing. I forget to grab snacks and end up eating out, I don’t take the time to make nutritious meals when I’m on my own (I know, that needs to change) and I LOVE carbs. Chips, bagels, crackers . . . those are my go-tos.

Second: I’m young! (Right?) Who needs to worry about nutrition when we’re in our prime? Wrong.

September 2014 I took a three week trip with my family to the East Coast. Along with touring for nearly 12 hours each day, I was finishing up my last semester of college, working, and trying to keep up a long distance relationship. Without notice (Okay, so maybe I just didn’t notice the signs) I woke up one morning with hair strewn all over my pillow.


“Oh my gosh, Katie!” Kyla gasped. “You’re shedding like a dog!”

“I always lose a few hairs when I shower,” I shrugged as Kyla brushed a handful of hair onto the floor.

But within the next few weeks, I began balding near the crown of my head. You know how embarrassing and scary that is for a woman? Below is a snippet from my journal in October 2015.

“It’s demoralizing to see your hair slip down the drain. It’s hard to constantly have your sisters de-hair your sweater because you’re shedding like a dog. It’s hard. But in a way, I chose this.”

I began searching frantically for natural path doctors, taking herbs, having blood tests, watching YouTube’s on hair loss andtrying NOT to stress about the stress that was killing me. I worried about having to do colonics (where, I was told, the rest of my hair would fall out).

“You need to start taking NeoLife,” my mom suggested. “There’s a reason your dad and I have taken it for 15 years.”

“No, I need special vitamins. NOT my Parent’s vitamins. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the power of the cellular nutrition I had always had at my fingertips, and I went off searching for some other cure. Over the next few months, the massive quantities of minerals and herbs I was taking began to refill my depleted body, but I was still exhausted . . . taking naps as often as I could. In December, February, and March, I would tire easily, and couldn’t perform at the level I was used to.

(And, while we’re admitting to foolish behavior, I might as well admit to taking my minerals about once a week. I never remembered them because I couldn’t feel any difference whether I took them or not.)

Why? Because my cells were so depleted they were not absorbing the nutrients! I needed Tre-en-en.

Finally, this March, I decided to research NeoLife and see if it was as powerful as my parents said. Surprise! They were right . . . again. There was a reason these supplements healed my uncle’s boils, my cousin’s fibromyalgia, my dad’s chronic fatigue, my friend’s diabetes . . . Suddenly, I went from “I could care less” to shouting my “cure” from the housetops to all my friends with similar health struggles.

I ditched my doctor’s Standard Process supplements and switched over to taking pure Neolife. Guess what? I even  took my supplements every day because I FELT a difference! 

In just over a month of taking Pro Vitality+, I regained the energy and vitality I had before my illness. The NeoLife Shake also gives me that added protein with zero cooking time! I no longer feel the need for naps, and I wake up naturally every morning. I’m still swamped, get around 6 hours of sleep a night, eat vinegar chips and chocolate cake, and have emotional stress (who doesn’t when they live in an awesome party house with 12 other people? ;).

For me, all that changed was NeoLife.

I’m now passionate about nutrition, (still working on the practical application) and my life-changing experience motivated me to join my family in promoting this vibrant health and wellness club throughout the United States.

Are you exhausted? Do you want to prevent spending the thousands of dollars I spent on doctors? Do you just want to feel awesome and be able to tell your friends about it?


Let’s make 2016 the best year ever! (Feel free to call me at: (541) 965-3318! )
The Kathryn Joy

3 Keys to Managing Yourself as an Entrepreneur

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 9.29.55 PM
As entrepreneurs, most of us struggle with our days blowing out. It’s awesome to be able to restructure our schedule on a whim, but it’s also difficult to stay on track without a boss or manager ordering our days for us. I don’t always take my own advice, but when I do, I get a LOT done.

“What is easy to do, is also easy not to do.” ~Zig Ziglar

These three keys aren’t rocket science, but they’ll rocket you productivity to the max. Check it out.

1. Complete Your HARDEST Task First

We LOVE to lie to ourselves and think “I’ll work on that in the afternoon,” or “I’m a night owl, I’ll finish it up in the evening.” People still get stuff done that way, but highly successful people do their hardest task first. 

Four reasons why:

A. They get their crucial result out of the way because they know their days tend to morph–especially entrepreneurs–and they want to make sure the toughie is out of the way.

B. They save valuable time and energy. (You don’t worry about it all day.)

C. They don’t have time to build up excuses and build walls of procrastination

D. It helps  start out the day with good endorphins and feelings of accomplishment!

2. Research Last

If you’ve ever been on a computer, you know what I’m talking about. Most entrepreneurial jobs require a fair amount of research, BUT . . . it’s easy to find yourself researching delivery rates on direct mailers one minute and learning Rhett and Link’s rap battles the next! Save your bunny trail hopping for the afternoon lull, or the evening. First, make sure those tough crucial results are wrapped up.

3. Create a Schedule

“But I’m an entrepreneur! I don’t have a schedule!”

I know. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t change.

I’m not talking the regular 9am-5pm trap we escaped for 5am-11pm freedom, but structure is still extremely valuable. A little structure here and there will give you measuring points to track your success and make sure your day is not getting away from you. With lots of tasks to do and huge amounts of creativity, entrepreneurs can often start their days with great hopes but finish wondering. . . “why on earth did I spend 3 hours ?”

The cool thing is, your schedule can be whatever you want, and it can change whenever you want. At least you have a plan.

When my current schedule stops working for me, I’ll create a new schedule, but at least I know what time I’m getting up, what time I work out, and what time I go to bed (which so far, has been nothing but a good idea).

Your schedule can be simple, like mine, with only three key structuring points. Even though the rest of your day is completely subject to change, I bet you will find it helpful to have those little scheduling habits that keep you on track. 

Do you have any tips for managing yourself?

The Kathryn Joy



Leverage Your Strengths to Avoid Your Weaknesses

For the sake of this post, I am going to assume we all have weaknesses and strengths. If this is not true of you, my congratulations or condolences. I am not sure which.

I am also going to assume that most of us don’t like to do what we are bad at (weaknesses) and prefer to do what we’re good at (strengths).

The exciting thing is, we can leverage our strengths to avoid using our weaknesses as often!

Recognize Your Weaknesses

For example: As soon as I get my heart set on a new idea, I’m like the squirrel in Ice Age that pours all its energy into holding, coddling, and chasing my precious acorn. I will scale cliffs, confront polar bears, cut a hole in the ice with toenail clippers–whatever it takes.

However, thirty minutes later, when a walnut slides in, I abandon my poor acorn pursuit of the new nut.

Before you start crying over the acorn’s fate, let’s look at the positives. The first step to change is acknowledging the problem. I accept that I will always be a powerful “quick start” that does not understand the word “consistency.”

Instead of trying to fix our weaknesses, recognize that we have equally as powerful strengths.

Once we’ve acknowledged our problem and our strengths, there’s just one step.
Ice age

Leverage Your Strengths 

I admit, when I heard the number one component of a successful blog is consistency I considered quitting before I began. When I heard most bloggers quit after 18 months, I gasped. If most people failed at blogging in that short of time, I was destined for failure.

Then I remembered my quick start strengths.

Right now, (December 6th, 2014) my energy is passionately pouring into this blog. I talk blog. I think blog. I write blog. Instead of letting that energy go to waste, I’m pouring it into archiving posts.

I have a list of 50 blog titles I’d like to write and 27 drafted posts. You may not see some of these posts until March or August of next year, (and for that reason, I’m hoping blogposts are like fine wine and cheese–better when aged) but I have them as back-ups. I’m taking the excitement of the new and fresh and storing away provisions for the winter.

That way, when I’m over chasing my walnut, I will still be able to provide for my acorn.

That’s me. What about you?

Your Story

Do you get stuck in ruts and stick with projects to the bitter end?

Use your scheduling abilities to plan one unusual, out-of-the-box event each month (Skydiving, bird watching, going to a different grocery store). Shake your patterns and keep from growing old and dull.  

Don’t remember where you put . . . anything?

Use your people skills to convince your organized friend to help you make specific places for everything.

Can’t resist those shopping cravings?

Use your love of new things to encourage good habits. Every time you leave the store with ONLY what was on your shopping list, add $5 to your “end of the month” shopping trip jar. (You’ll spend less, and end up with less junk you don’t need).

Over analyze everything?

Research the negative effects over-analyzation has on your life and the ways you can avoid it. Make a list of the facts and tape them on your door. Analyze the list before you go to bed.

Make decisions hastily without all the facts?

Use that initial urge to “do-something-now” to immediately fill out an Impact Filter(A post coming soon about a vital tool our family adapted from where my dad works as a life coach). If it still sounds like a good idea, do it. If all the facts don’t line up, you will talk yourself out of it.

Too driven and demanding of others?

Use your intense will power to force yourself to say a positive thing to each person you meet. They’ll perform better, and give you more slack if you impatiently tell them to step up to the plate.



I don’t know what your weakness or strengths are, but you do. (If you don’t, take the Kolbe A Index)

Take a moment to think about your greatest weaknesses.

Instead of trying to change how you’re hardwired, think of how you could leverage your deeply grooved strengths to avoid succumbing to your weaknesses.

It won’t work every time.

Sometimes we need other individuals in our lives to synergize with and compensate for our weaknesses. 

But even this small mindset shift can be powerful.

Here’s to many more moments of strength!
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Top 9 Tools You Can’t Cook Without

I must confess, I lied. You only need a pile of smoking sticks and licking flames to roast a juicing elk in hushed and reverent awe like your great-great-great-great grandaddy.

(Just for the record, clothes aren’t needed either. . .)

Here’s the hitch: Grandpa Adam didn’t have to worry about phone calls, emails, and thirty-minute commutes to work. So, if you’re one of those people who can’t afford to stare into the fire and count rotations, here are some tools that will help save time and money in the long haul.

1. Cuisenhart Can I say lifesaver? This tool makes cooking for crowds a breeze, and creates purees, grated cheese, chopped onions, and homemade salsa before you can I say, “I love this thing!” Also, if you’re going to go all-the-way and making your own almond flour, this definitely beats a mortal and pestle.


2. Apron This isn’t just a tool for ladies. It’s handy to hang a folded dish towel in the strings tied in front, instead of groping for those evasive hot pads when the pot is bubbling over. And let’s face it girls, who doesn’t want to look cute in the kitchen? They say the “way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but I think an eye-catching apron may have something to do with it.


3. Cast-Iron Skillet Chemical-free, uses less oil, tried and true since the 1800’s, adds iron to your food, easy to clean, a weapon in time of need, and goodness knows it’s durable.
This non-stick skillet is an presents an excellent advantage to the health-nut and cook.


4. Meat Thermometer You will never over or undercook something again. Need I say more? If you are a self-diagnosed ADD, you will benefit from the loud timer. If you are indecisive you will bless the probe that makes the decision for you. But most importantly, you never have to worry about adapting recipes for altitudes, oven temps, or cooking lengths. When the thermometer says done, it’s perfect. Every. Single. Time.

5. CutCo Knives Loosen that hold on your wallet because this is a big purchase. However, as a cook, sharp, well-manicured knives are invaluable. They not only save you time and headache, but they are safer. (Don’t believe me? Search Google.) The power of CutCo is that you buy once. After that initial punch in the gut, you never have to buy another knife again. Melt a knife handle? Send it back for a free replacement. Need sharpening? Send back for free sharpening. Broken blade? You guessed it, totally free. I have witnessed first-hand this company’s exceptional warrantees and I guarantee you will love CutCo.

6. Bialetti Ceramic Nonstick Want a non-stick skillet but dislike the health concerns of Teflon ? Look no further! My family received this skillet for Christmas and LOVE it! It cooks evenly, requires no oil, and makes frying eggs a breeze. This is the most environmentally safe non-stick pan available today…great deal.



I pooled the responses I received from other cooks and below are the three most commonly mentioned items that make their life in the kitchen easier!

Vitamix7. VITAMIX I have yet to meet a cook that doesn’t swear by their VITAMIX (Unless they don’t swear of course.) I like using this to blend fruit and veggie smoothies (perfect for keeping juice drinks fibrous…a.k.a. more healthy), but it can also be used for making ice cream, soups, purees and who-knows-what-else. If you don’t already own one, this will make your already-easy-lazy-American-life easier and lazier. 



Kitchen Aid8. Kitchen Aid Mixer Now we’re getting into the heavy machinery. This tool makes tough stuff like homemade whip cream, butter, blended egg whites, and stirring Adams crunchy Peanut butter a breeze. Cookies? Soufflé? Just dump in the ingredients, turn on “high” and forget about it. This tool may take up a lot of space, but if you have the room and moolah, it’s a life-saver. (And they come in cool colors. Big Plus!)


Pampered Chef Garlic Press9. Pampered Chef Garlic Press I don’t have personal experience using this product, but I know Papered Chef is QUALITY. A friend of mine (one of 14 kids) loves this product, however, so I’ll let her tell about it. 

“Pampered Chef makes (or made?) the best garlic press I’ve ever used. This tool doubles as a health and wellness aid due to the healing properties of garlic. Our family goes through a fair amount of garlic and after 8+ years and approximately 14,600 cloves of garlic, it bit the dust a couple of weeks ago. Cooking just hasn’t been the same since then. 

Okay, this may be dramatic, but this tool has been very valuable to our busy kitchen.”

Any other tools you cooks have learned about to make life in the kitchen easier? Please share them below in the comments. Eventually, I would love this blog post to be “10 Tools you Can’t cook without.”

There’s ONE spot left! 

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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The Power of the Cheesy Chart

Scan 91
My First Cheesy Chart


“You are going to show me how to make that? That scribbly, little, childish, cheesy chart to the left?”

Hey, don’t knock it. I made that when I was 10 and it marks the first $1,000 I earned selling brownies with my sisters.

In this world of professionalism, judgmentalism (I know that’s not a word), and “look-good-so-they-like-you,” we don’t give ourselves enough permission to be cheesy.

But in this case, cheesy works.

The top three reasons to make a Cheesy Chart.

1. It will clarify your goals

2. You’ll be more motivated when you SEE progress

3. “If you want to manage something, you must measure it.”

As a life coach, my father utilizes the Cheesy Chart with many of his clients, and it has been a powerful tool in my life as well. Make success more tangible by pulling out the colored markers and flashing back to those grade-school years. (No one has to see it but you.)

Here’s how to make it.

Twitter Followers
Twitter Followers Cheesy Chart

 A Cheesy Chart can be as unique as your goal. Use graph paper, stickers, markers, sticky notes! We’ve unveiled some of our Cheesy Charts to freshen up those creative juices, but the sky’s the limit.

There’s only ONE thing your Cheesy Chart must DO. MEASURE.

A Cheesy Chart is the measuring stick of your success.

In a basic Cheesy Chart, like my Brownie chart, or Twitter Followers chart, I simply filled out a small step on the thermometer ladder. As the “liquid” filled up my success grew.

When teaching us to read, my Mother started a Caterpillar Cheesy Chart (although my dad hadn’t coined the term back then). For every “I See Sam” book we read, we got to staple a circle with the book name to the growing caterpillar.

My Father’s Cheesy Chart for Tracking 1,000 days of 50 Push-ups and 50 Sit-ups

Cheesy Charts have been around for ages. The very first was probably a simple notch cut into a belt to mark a number of pelts of dead coons (who knows?). Cheesy charts worked in the 1800’s and they’ll work again.

What is a Cheesy Chart you’d like to make? Please share in the comments, or send me your awesome Cheesy Chart! I’m always looking for new ideas.


What you do WHEN you break your New Year’s Resolutions

According to a LOT of research, 88% of Americans fail to complete their New Year’s Resolutions. Most of them quit yesterday. Are you one of them?

I know I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I didn’t like the sound of following a consistently failing model. So, I stopped setting New Year’s resolutions for three reasons:

1.) I don’t know if I’ll want the same goals in three months
2.) If everyone is failing, it might not be a good idea
3.) I don’t like to fail

I’m not going to waste your time telling you WHY your New Year’s resolutions failed, hundreds of other blogs like Inc., I will Teach you to be Rich, and Life Hack have prophesied doom for decades.

We’re going to focus on the Good News. Failing your New Year’s resolutions is actually a step in the right direction. It’s time to leave this popular yet flawed model behind (Just a thought: If it’s popular, take a second look) and embrace something that is actually going to burn that fat, increase your good relationships, eliminate negativity, and keep a constant supply of vinegar chips in your pantry.

Enter, The 90-Day Challenge.

Instead of gazing wistfully into the next year with foggy hopes of somehow being better when 2016 rolls around…let’s set some clear, concrete specifics that are going to guarantee success.

To learn what worked for me, click here.

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The 90-Day Challenge

Glad you’re here.

Are you foaming at the mouth, eager for a challenge? Are you desperately scanning the internet for new quest? Maybe you’re sick of failing those New Year’s Resolutions. If this is the case, you’re at the right spot.

Let’s dive in.

The Rules 

Your Tools.

Set no more than 2-3 primary goals. 

If you set 2-3 goals, you’re likely to achieve 2-3
If you set 3-10 goals, you’re likely to achieve 1-2
If you set 11 or more goals, you’re likely to achieve none of them. Think “Less.”

Mark the Definitive Start and End Dates of your 90-Day Challenge on the calendar.

It’s important to mark clear-cut deadlines. None of this, “I’ll start some time in March and end around late May.” A 90-day challenge must be measurable and SMART. 

Review the “6 Ways to Complete a Goal Every Time.”

This will be a life-saver. Even your New Year’s Resolutions may have succeeded if you utilized this list. Ninety days is a short, concise period of time. Go all in and focus on doing these six steps to make your goals.

Break your 90 Goals into Monthly/Weekly/Daily Bites.

At the end of ninety days, you aren’t going to have magically completed all your goals. Elephants don’t jump down your throat without you noticing. You need to have a plan for chopping up that beast and eating it one small bite at a time.  

That’s it.

“That’s it?” You ask. “What a joke! You promised to tell me how to do a 90-Day Challenge!”

All right you unbelievers. Here’s the pixie-dust.

*****The Magic*****

The 90-Day Challenge is similar to New Year’s resolutions, with one BIG difference. It’s narrow and dynamic. Instead of getting lost in on one, large, abstract year (where we believe the myth “there’s plenty of time”), the 90-Day Challenge breaks down our goals to make them tangible.

You can do anything for 90 days. A year sounds like a lifetime. But you could endure nearly ANYTHING for 90 days.

So…immerse. Have fun being intense, and focused, and dynamic. Pour all your heart into the next 90 days and leave the rest of the year for next quarter.

What is the challenge you’re going to start?

The Kathryn Joy

6 Steps to Achieve your Goals EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Let’s face it.

We’ve all made goals and failed. We’ve all “tried” to lose that weight, become kinder, and shoot more elk than the Joneses.

Why do these goals never work?

Our goals don’t work because we make them, then sit back and expect them to complete themselves. It’s like Aunt Martha wondering why her seeds don’t sprout when she buries them in their little tombs and leaves.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution for Aunt Martha’s gardening, and there’s a simple solution for our goals. In case there weren’t enough 6-step-programs in this world, here’s another.

Proven to work 100% of the time.

If you do all these steps and still fail your goal. Contact me. I will eat a Tarantula and send you the video.

1. Make your goals SMART. Why?

(Because who want’s to set stupid goals….)

2. Tell Three People About your Commitment. Why?

Accountability is priceless. In fact, you can be my accountability partner for my 90-Day Challenge. (Your mom, or someone who’s going to think “you’re perfect, no matter what,” doesn’t count. Ok? Tell me. Tell your boss. Post your goals on social media.)

3. Write your Goals Down

Just by writing your goals down, you increase your chances of success by 44%! That’s a pretty good trade for five minutes of effort. (I bet you won’t even break a sweat.)

4. Read your Goals EVERY night before bed

**News Flash** IF WE THINK ABOUT SOMETHING, WE’RE MORE APT TO DO IT. (Which is why you should not think about hitting your brother with a wet noodle.)

When I think every night, “I am going to build 5lbs of muscle” there’s a much larger chance I’ll work out than if I never thought about building muscle. Make sense?

5.  Make a Cheesy Chart

“Cheese” makes nachos, sandwiches, and photographs better. It also makes your goals achievable! As a life coach, my Dad has seen countless goal-setters crush their goals with the power of the “Cheesy Chart.” You can learn how to make your own, but DO NOT judge the pictures…

6. Set Stakes

This one is a biggie. You are 77% more likely to achieve your goals if you set consequences/rewards! Most of us think “I can do without those” but we really don’t set stakes because we aren’t serious.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Pool money with friends and whoever succumbs to temptation last gets the pot.**Boom** Stakes and AccountabilityBuy tickets for a big game. If you make your goal, you go. But tell a couple friends that if not, they get the tickets. (They’ll keep you honest.)

I don’t know what floats your boat, but bite the bullet and create a little risk. Your goals will thank you.

There you go. Six simple Steps. Think it’s too basic to work? Well, you can always tack on sleeping towards the West, and pinching yourself 37x every time you look in a mirror, but all you’ll get is a sore body.

                       “What is simple to do, is also simple NOT to do.” -Jim Rohn

What are some goals you are going to make…and complete this quarter?