Dear Diary, Uncategorized

Day . . .

Hey!  So, I’m back.  The truth is, as much as I say I want to blog every day, I don’t. I should know I don’t do anything at all without a HUGE “why” and I won’t do something every. single. day. without accountability or someone counting on me.  That’s why I have never, ever, missed… Read More Day . . .


Day Nine: Mama Didn’t Raise No Quitter ;)

I missed writing days six through eight this month. At any other point before this I would have quit. But not anymore.  It’s cliche, but progress is so much more stinking important than perfection.  It’s late, so I’m heading to bed.  More tomorrow. 🙂  Love, The Kathryn Joy

Dear Diary, Uncategorized

One Subscriber

I have one subscriber on this blog.  It’s me.  Sure, that’s not the whole story. But the point is, I have one now.  I’ve done the whole blogger thing backwards if I want to be a “real writer.” I created this site at 19, and yet haven’t blogged consistently for more than a month. I’ve… Read More One Subscriber