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Confessions of A Lazy Nutritionalist

So, as you all know by now, I’m a 20-year-old, passionate, determined person. I throw all my energy into whatever I’m excited about and I would describe myself as driven and action-oriented. But, I’ll admit, I have been downright lazy about my health.

I’ve always loved athletics, and my high-metabolism keeps me eating ALL the time, buttt I have been the nutritional rebel of the family.


Two reasons.

First: Health takes too much time. I mean, I enjoy working out, but spending valuable time in the kitchen creating Trim Healthy Mama Trama cookies just isn’t my thing. I forget to grab snacks and end up eating out, I don’t take the time to make nutritious meals when I’m on my own (I know, that needs to change) and I LOVE carbs. Chips, bagels, crackers . . . those are my go-tos.

Second: I’m young! (Right?) Who needs to worry about nutrition when we’re in our prime? Wrong.

September 2014 I took a three week trip with my family to the East Coast. Along with touring for nearly 12 hours each day, I was finishing up my last semester of college, working, and trying to keep up a long distance relationship. Without notice (Okay, so maybe I just didn’t notice the signs) I woke up one morning with hair strewn all over my pillow.


“Oh my gosh, Katie!” Kyla gasped. “You’re shedding like a dog!”

“I always lose a few hairs when I shower,” I shrugged as Kyla brushed a handful of hair onto the floor.

But within the next few weeks, I began balding near the crown of my head. You know how embarrassing and scary that is for a woman? Below is a snippet from my journal in October 2015.

“It’s demoralizing to see your hair slip down the drain. It’s hard to constantly have your sisters de-hair your sweater because you’re shedding like a dog. It’s hard. But in a way, I chose this.”

I began searching frantically for natural path doctors, taking herbs, having blood tests, watching YouTube’s on hair loss andtrying NOT to stress about the stress that was killing me. I worried about having to do colonics (where, I was told, the rest of my hair would fall out).

“You need to start taking NeoLife,” my mom suggested. “There’s a reason your dad and I have taken it for 15 years.”

“No, I need special vitamins. NOT my Parent’s vitamins. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the power of the cellular nutrition I had always had at my fingertips, and I went off searching for some other cure. Over the next few months, the massive quantities of minerals and herbs I was taking began to refill my depleted body, but I was still exhausted . . . taking naps as often as I could. In December, February, and March, I would tire easily, and couldn’t perform at the level I was used to.

(And, while we’re admitting to foolish behavior, I might as well admit to taking my minerals about once a week. I never remembered them because I couldn’t feel any difference whether I took them or not.)

Why? Because my cells were so depleted they were not absorbing the nutrients! I needed Tre-en-en.

Finally, this March, I decided to research NeoLife and see if it was as powerful as my parents said. Surprise! They were right . . . again. There was a reason these supplements healed my uncle’s boils, my cousin’s fibromyalgia, my dad’s chronic fatigue, my friend’s diabetes . . . Suddenly, I went from “I could care less” to shouting my “cure” from the housetops to all my friends with similar health struggles.

I ditched my doctor’s Standard Process supplements and switched over to taking pure Neolife. Guess what? I even  took my supplements every day because I FELT a difference! 

In just over a month of taking Pro Vitality+, I regained the energy and vitality I had before my illness. The NeoLife Shake also gives me that added protein with zero cooking time! I no longer feel the need for naps, and I wake up naturally every morning. I’m still swamped, get around 6 hours of sleep a night, eat vinegar chips and chocolate cake, and have emotional stress (who doesn’t when they live in an awesome party house with 12 other people? ;).

For me, all that changed was NeoLife.

I’m now passionate about nutrition, (still working on the practical application) and my life-changing experience motivated me to join my family in promoting this vibrant health and wellness club throughout the United States.

Are you exhausted? Do you want to prevent spending the thousands of dollars I spent on doctors? Do you just want to feel awesome and be able to tell your friends about it?


Let’s make 2016 the best year ever! (Feel free to call me at: (541) 965-3318! )
The Kathryn Joy

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