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Johnson Family Update 2015

Hey Guys!

It’s been awhile since I have written. Truth be told, the flame in my lighthouse of creative energy has been barely flickering due to a lot of exciting projects and emotional pulls. However, regardless of my inspiration levels, I’m going to update you all on the Chad Johnson family like I promised I would.

Here’s a quick run-through of the last 12 months -ish!

Kordi (Left) Cousin Clair (Right)

First off, we are all alive and well in Tahoe, California. The snow has rapidly vanished, but we are enjoying our last couple weeks of crisp, cold, weather before we head home. Our nearly four months in California have been a wonderful adventure, but we have only spent one week in Dufur since December, and we are all eager to return to the comforting familiar of home.


Kordelia May is 2 1/2 and a bundle of love. She has the sweetest little voice and loves snuggling with family and friends. Kordi is such a perfect toddler we are sorry the baby of the family is growing up. She even began skiing this season!

Conrad Bentley (5) is a daredevil on the mountain. He has no fear of speed and loves catching air off anything he can (often resulting in him sprawled out on a run with his ski gear spread far and wide). Our energizer bunny learned to read this year, continues to break out in spontaneous dance, wrestle with his big brothers, and take good care of Kordi.


Kinsey Lee (7) is growing into quite the young lady. She had a massive growth spurt this year, and lost nearly all of her teeth at once! Kinzers began taking piano lessons from Kelsey and loves working with Bentley and Kordi on their scripture memory verses. She is very quick in school and loves to keep up with the two brothers she is sandwiched in-between.




Christian Barrington (8) is quite the little man. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I am older, because Barrington is a guy that knows what he wants and how he wants it. Barrington follows in Baylor’s footsteps, being a natural athlete and hard worker. 


Kloe Beth (10) gets guessed as Kimberly’s twin all the time. Her favorite extra-curricular class is art, and she will quietly pour over her artistic creations for hours. Klo keeps us laughing with her hilarious impersonations and dramatic flair but she has a quiet, serious side as well. She impressed me with her tenacious boogie boarding skills and loves to play dress up on the farm.




Kimberly Paula (12) is a delight to be around. Her easy-going personality is a blessing in our high-energy house and the children love gathering around and listening to Kimmy’s imaginative stories. Along with taking ukulele, piano, art, and English this year, Kimmy heads up most of the fort-building projects around the farm. It is sweet to see Kimmerz begin blending her athletic tom-boy side with graceful femininity, but that girl can sure lay down a carve on the mountain.

Karaline Elizabeth (14) is still determined, strong, and playful. She made a lot of new friends this year, and dutifully writes the pen pals she befriended from all over the states during our travels. Kar-bear is excelling in my English class (along with Kimmy, Kloe, and Baylor) and also took up the piano this year under Kelsey’s guidance. Karaline is becoming a beautiful young lady and the distance between the “older girls” and Kar is closing rapidly.

Bay (left) Cousin Bradley (right)

Chadwick Baylor (15) is becoming a man! It is awesome to have a “big brother” that protects and cherishes his sisters and mother. Along with having a major growth spurt, Baylor’s voice dropped and he has enjoyed arranging duets with Kelsey. This summer Baylor worked up at Azure Farms, driving farm equipment and doing construction. When Bay wasn’t working or studying his dual-enrollment classes this year, he could be found shredding a short board, doing backflips and 720’s on his snow skis, or biking off jumps into the pond.




Kelsey Anne (17) has done a LOT with her musical gifts
this year! She finished her second CD and has played for two CD release concerts. Kels has also played for many events this past year, and has loved creating arrangements with Kyla. For a fun change of pace, Kelsey worked as the Chef for our Historical Balch Hotel this summer, and helped cultivate our garden. Kelsey’s biggest events of the year include starting CollegePlus! and doing a backflip on skis!!! #GirlPower


Kyla Cheri (18) finished working at Grinders Coffee in September so we could travel to the East
Coast for a month. She was a star employee, but was ready to move on and start her college education. Along with starting CollegePlus!, Ky has poured a lot of her energy into improving on the cello! Low, rich, tones can often be heard around the house, and Kyla and Kelsey have enjoyed playing for a few of the weddings and events we went to this year. A lot of you may also have experienced Kyla’s ministry through hand-written letters this year–she is such a blessing.

Yours Truly

Kathryn Joy (20). After graduating from college this fall, I went back and took another semester of school for SEO and Content Marketing Certification. I’m happy to combine my English major and SEO knowledge to create and write for the Beachside Vacation Rental’s Blog and Blog Mutt. One of my highlights this year was working alongside David Brown to edit his book Quest for Forgiveness. I have learned a lot about myself, my health, and my Savior through the past crazy 12 months, and while I have learned some hard lessons, I’m thankful, and eager to see what the future holds.

Mother (Jenise) continues to make our family run like clockwork. Mother provides stability and direction for our busy household and continues to be in the trenches every day as a homeschooling mother. She loved encouraging couples at the Newly-Wed retreat, and ministering to younger women. This year Mother has been enjoying a new stage of life: NOT pregnant, NOT nursing, and NO infant! She is railing with us on skis and continues to stay active (and put her younger daughters to shame 😉 

Guess who?

Daddy (Chad) always juggles a lot and this year was no different. Aside from continuing to run Ceramic Decorating Company, Daddy also became a coach for Strategic Coach! His love of people and passion for business has allowed him to quickly excel as a business coach. Daddy also worked alongside Azure Standard this Summer to start their Dream Manager Program and continues to be a life coach to all of us kids. Daddy took Bay to his JH Ranch river guide reunion this summer and surprised all his buddies (and Bay) by doing his infamous gainer off of a 70 foot bridge. Daddy continues to lead the pack–back flipping and doing hellies off ski jumps–keeping life fun and spontaneous.

Some family highlights this year include going to JH Ranch, attending 13 weddings, and our East Coast tour! We were on the road a lot this year but enjoyed the few moments we were able to spend on Thanksgiving Valley Farm.

There you have it: April 2014 to April 2015 in a nutshell! There are A LOT of exciting changes brewing, so stay tuned for our newest adventures!

Blessings from our family to yours!

The Kathryn Joy




**I have three wishes**

1. Forgive the absence of humor

2. Forgive the factual writing

3. Forgive the poor formatting

Many thanks. I admit it’s quantity not quality this evening. 

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