K’s in the Kitchen

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I’m super excited to announce the start of a brand new project! 


But first, just a few questions to see how well you know us Johnson girls in the kitchen… 

1. Who has perfected the art of salad making? 

2. Who makes more chicken than any other meat??

3. Who is the health nut? 

4. Who eats 3,000X more than she cooks?

5. Which Johnson girls make their own lunches?

**answers at bottom

In this world of TV dinners, fast food, and on-the-go snacks, a home cooked meal is a special treat. Homemade meals are an important factor for hospitality, nutrition, and . . . the tastebuds. (Let’s face it, as much as we love Chipotle, it would be nice to mix it up.)

It used to be assumed that a girl would know how to cook, but not anymore! (I’m proof.) 

I love working with my sisters and learning new things, so we’re excited to bring you a new adventure! One we hope you’ll join us on. 


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From gourmet, to beyond simple, we are bringing you recipes collected from our Grandmothers, Aunts, Friends, and Queen Mother. Although gathered from decades of experience and numerous sources, all these recipes have one thing in common: deliciousness. 

Zesty chicken marinades, tender steaks, fresh, bright salads, and melt-in-your-mouth desserts have all been put past the taste test of at least 13 mouths. When 2-year-old Kordelia and Self-Professed-Conossuier Daddy all rate the dish a “birthday meal” we know we have a winner!

You’ll want to watch if: 

~ You’re looking for nutritious and delicious ways to freshen up your dinner table

~ You need that perfect dish to impress that Important Someone

~ Fast Food and TV dinners are getting overrated

~ You’re intimidated by cooking

~ You need to kill 10 minutes

Our Roles: 

Karaline, Kimberly, Kloe, Kinsey, Kordelia. The Cooks in Training. Mother realized she started a little too late with me, but these young ladies already pop in to join the fun and make this venture a family affair.

Kelsey. The Inventor. Kels puts the “K” in cook with substitutions that make desserts healthy and a mind that knows 301 ways to make tender chicken.

Kyla. The Purist. Ky can Trim Healthy Mama with the best of them and she brings a ton of knowledge to fresh, healthy, tantalizing cooking.

Me. The Kathryn Joy. I’m here to show you that you can mess up A LOT in cooking and still make food that will make you and your friends salivate. 

In two days I’ll be releasing our website where you can access the first three videos (with new videos each week)! Check back on FacebookInstagram , or Twitter, THIS WEDNESDAY for the link to login!

It’s a blast for us to cook together and we hope you enjoy cooking with us!

The Kathryn Joy

For all of us: Katie (Me), Kyla, Kelsey, Karaline, Kimberly, Kloe, Kinsey, and Kordelia 

1. Kyla 2. Kelsey 3. Kyla 4. Katie 5. Kyla, Kelsey, Karaline, Kimberly, Kloe, Kinsey
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12 thoughts on “K’s in the Kitchen

  1. How fun is this? Count me in as one of your followers in this adventure, for SURE! I love the pictures of the “chefs” in white!

    Be back soon…Grandma XO

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!!! Earlier today I was thinking about asking my Facebook friends for some new fun recipies! I’m in a cooking slump! Can’t wait to follow you beautiful chefs! 🙂

  3. Katy Ive never followed a blog before but I’m definitely down for yours. Your presentation and writing skills are to be commended! Also that pic of chicken with the cream sauce over asparagus looks divine.

  4. I’m an old friend of your mom and dad. I’m a single dad and willing to give this a shot because I am a lousy cook and as a consequence don’t like to cook. Because I hold your parents in such high esteem I want to give it a go.

    How is it you’re the only brunette in tribe of blondes!? I like it!

    1. Hey Glenn! It’s so nice to meet you! Hopefully you’ll find some help to spice up your cooking! Haha, I know . . . I’m still trying to figure out how I’m the only brunette. ; ) Take care!

  5. So looking forward to the great ideas for healthy nutrious meals!
    Our health is our wealth….building one day at a time.

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