Measuring Success

If you want to succeed in anything, there has to be a way to measure your success. To measure your success, you must track.

When I mentioned a few weeks ago, I was embarking on a journey to mature, I had no idea God was about to mature me in one of the hardest ways possible. That’s the adventure of following Jesus: we make plans, but we never know how God is going to act.

I’ll admit, right after I wrote that post, I lost ALL motivation to renew my health, and merely focused on riding out the gigantic waves created to mature me, in his way, at his time. As God gradually showed me my hope is in him alone, he gave me back my desire to accomplish and doubled the motivation to reach my goals.

Here’s a case study I’m doing on myself. I’ll show you the results I’ve tracked for the last two weeks, then we’ll discuss them. I’m getting all up close and personal here but you guys are my unprofessed accountability. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.59.16 AM


As you can see above, I have had 100% percent success in 2 out of the 5 areas I’m tracking (green) and have exceeded my goals 2x (yellow)! Yeah, there’s a lot of red BUT…

Progress NOT Perfection!

I cannot stress this enough.

Life is about making adjustments and adaptions gracefully. Sure, it’s helpful to have some hard and fast rules, but there are often exceptions. If you always need a perfect score, you’ll throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Good Morning Sunshine!

Goal: Regain my Morning power crunch time
Result: Totally nailed it!

As you can see, I tend to be an extremist with my wake-up schedule, but if change isn’t drastic, it doesn’t appeal to me. When this schedule stops benefiting me, I’ll try a new one, but at this point it is amazing!

5 am allows me to hit the beginning of the week with a power that shocks me. Just adding three hours before breakfast has allowed me to be consistent with studying God’s word AND get those difficult projects out of the way before I have time to procrastinate. By the end of the week, I feel so accomplished, I celebrate with no-alarm weekends!


I’m a morning person that can’t go to sleep at night. Interesting…

As you can see, I have totally blown out my sleep schedule at nights–sometimes due to things I can’t control, like traveling, and sometimes, because my creativity goes gangbusters. I’ll get in bed at 10, but end up jumping out of bed 30 minutes later because I NEED to write down a good idea before I lose it.


So, last week was a fail. Haha! I spent most of the week sitting on my rear trying to make some tough deadlines. This week, however, I’m back on my game. Working out gives me so much energy and confidence.

I count this as a win. I finally have taken my vits consistently enough to notice a change in my energy when I take them!

Sugar Intake

Gotta admit, the Friday before I started this chart, I ate a massive slice of Chocolate cake. My excuses were:

~We were at someone’s house for dinner (I am such a sucker for social sugar)
~Costco Chocolate Cake is my absolute favorite dessert in the world!

I don’t regret eating it. Sometimes you gotta splurge.

The apple fritter I ate the next day, I do regret. For about 5 seconds.


Why do you share this? You ask.

1. Like I mentioned before, you are my accountability.

If you want to reach a goal, I highly suggest finding a friend that you want to see you at your best. (SUPER close friends like mothers, sisters, besties, and anyone else that sees you in your pajamas with 3-day hair and a cranky attitude probably won’t motivate you to step-up your game). 

2. I hope you guys will be encouraged, inspired, or benefited in some way by my self-study.

Best of luck tracking your own goals! 🙂

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