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My life on Social Media Vs. Real Life

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At this moment, life was all beauty and blue skies.

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I’ve been seeing blog posts floating around recently about the lives people portray on Social Media versus their real lives.

Often, people claim that one’s social media presence is a fraud. We portray ourselves in the best light possible and watch the “likes” roll in, while we’re really drooling on the couch and flipping the remote to a new channel.

Dear, well-meaning, friends are so used to fake, they ask me if I’m “really happy” or if I just look like it. They wonder if I’m putting a cheesy smile on for the masses but inwardly sobbing my heart out.

Here’s my take on social media in two points.

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NEWS FLASH! Your social media presence should NOT look like your real life. 


Because some things shouldn’t be shared with everybody. 

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I don’t need to take a crying selfie every time life seems like it’s going to end, and you don’t need an updated Facebook status when I think the driver in front of me is a jerk. I get angry. I bawl my eyes out. I have bad hair days. I get into arguments with my best friends. People who know me see that.

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But you don’t have to see that and those who were there don’t need it photographed or documented. You have your own struggles and none of us like the daily FB update of those people who publicly rant.

                          Our social media presence should promote what we stand for and encourage others.

My family, friends, sports, health, and randomness mean a lot to me and I want to share those fun, joy-filled memories with you. 

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As a daughter of Christ I want to build others up! I want to bring his joy and light with my presence online and in person. Of course, (those who know me laugh) I do NOT do that all the time. You guys know my weaknesses and many imperfections.

Thank the Lord for His imputed righteousness!! 

The bottom line is, you aren’t going to benefit from my negative emotions, so the fewer people I share them with the better. Have a Philippians 4 focus!

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(I’m not advocating NOT talking through those tough times with someone. Communicate people. But in person to someone who cares. The friend, of a friend, of a friend who thinks your profile is cute already knows way more about you than he needs to.

NEWS FLASH #2: Our Social Media Presence Should Not Be Fake!!!

By the same token, people should be able to trust us. I don’t want to tear you down with my tough days, but I also don’t want to fein my life is perfect! 

"I look so good today, I think I'll take a selfie . . ."
“I look so good today, I think I’ll take a selfie . . .”

If my day was lame, I don’t post a picture with some caption about “life is good.” If I’m not having a good time, I don’t post a picture that communicates life is a party. 

We shouldn’t communicate something we are not truly feeling and have our friends that were there shake their heads because they know how we really acted.

I want to make sure my pictures actually portray truth. When the truth isn’t going to build up or benefit others, I move on.

Let’s not deceive. 

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(Totally not getting into the battle of #filter or #nofilter. Photography is an art, but a la natural is good too. To those who airbrush every selfie . . . that’s dedication. Wow.)

Here’s what I’m NOT saying.

I’m not saying I have social media figured out. I’ve messed up. I’ve tweeted things that should have gone unsaid. I’ve posted pictures I’ve regretted. But I’m learning to control this new monster and amazing tool with you.

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You who read this know I’m a very transparent person. Some would argue too transparent. I’m all for sharing mistakes and learning from them, but frankly, on social media, sometimes the truth should go unsaid.

Sometimes the truth should go unsaid, but DON’T replace it with a lie.

There’s a time to not say anything.

The Kathryn Joy

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12 thoughts on “My life on Social Media Vs. Real Life

  1. Thanks for sharing this post, Kathryn! I wholeheartedly agree. It’s something I’ve been pondering about since a lot of people are talking about being “authentic” in social media. While authenticity is good, not everyone on the internet needs to know I have some people who I share my bad days with, and they’re the ones who encourage me to look to Jesus. Like you, I’ve shared stuff I’ve regretted, and I’m so thankful for the grace of Jesus!

    Something else I’ve come to realize is, that a lot of “real life” is full of joyful moments! Yes there are sad moments and days, but as a Christian, my life is full of hope, His hope! Living and resting in the hope and joy of Christ? That is true real life. And that’s what I want to share with the world.

    ANYWAY, all that to say, excellent post! Amen!

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