Don’t Leave your Love

Have you ever lost your passion to practicality? Have you ever left your love for life? As children, we are born with innate passion and drives. At eight years old, I discovered a love of transporting myself through fiction and was delighted to find I could create my own beginnings–my own endings–on paper. Before long, I was… Read More Don’t Leave your Love

Lifestyle Hacks

What REALLY Happens

This is Kyla. And I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about my sister. We’ll start with her blog posts on cooking.  With a blogger in the family, more specifically,  The Kathryn Joy, we hear lots of talk about what kind of posts are the rage, what people need to hear, what is going viral ect.… Read More What REALLY Happens


K’s in the Kitchen

  I’m super excited to announce the start of a brand new project!  We Went Live! CLICK ON THIS LINK!!! But first, just a few questions to see how well you know us Johnson girls in the kitchen…  1. Who has perfected the art of salad making?  2. Who makes more chicken than any other meat??… Read More K’s in the Kitchen