Remember the Romance of Life

Sometimes we get caught up in the rubble of life.

Business, statistics, facts, budgets, to-do lists, charts, metrics, calendars . . .

At least, I do.

Even I–idealist, dreamer, and  hopeless romantic–sometimes I forget to see the poetry in these lives we live. I see hard lines, and black and white, but forget there’s soft pinks and bright greens and hazy heliotrope sunsets.

God wants us to take time to delight in the romance of life.

In the Bible there’s Leviticus–those tedious genealogies mixed with temple-building data–there’s Revelation–moments of all hell breaking lose, tragedy and triumph–and Proverbs, for the day-in-and-day-out duties.

But take a closer look.

Hidden within those pages are the Psalms–filled with music, and pondering and poetry. There’s moments of anguish, and moments of exultation, but all are filled with raw emotion and art . . . the romance of life.

Looking closer still, there’s Song of Solomon. Again, it’s hues of rosy desire, and restful meadows. Peace, and passion, and purity.

Pure poetry.

Yes, the duties need to be done, the facts need to be focused on, and life needs to be lived. But don’t forget to grasp those moments of poetry in life.

He created it for your enjoyment.

Even in the most daily doldrums and busiest seasons, there is romance.

Find it. Savor it.

The Kathryn Joy


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