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My Daily Journal (Updated August 18th)

AUGUST 18 TH, 2015

A lot has happened since my last journal entry in here. A lot. 

There have been so many ups and downs, so many good memories and emotional valleys, so many new horizons and finished chapters . . . and it’s only been two months! Crazy! 

All that to say, there are gigantic holes in this journal . . . so many baby steps that have taken me from devastation to contentment. It’s been wonderful journey and I truly wouldn’t change a thing. I am tempered, more mature, and more prepared for whatever the future holds. Thank you Jesus.

A content Katie


JUNE 15 TH, 2015

Absence makes the heart grow fonder . . .

A thoughtful-Katie

APRIL 16TH, 2015

Hallelujah! Spring is in the air!

The past couple weeks God has dumped his gracious blessings on my head and the winter in my soul has vanished (okay, so aside from a dripping icicle here and there). God loaded me with more than full time work: doing what I love and loving what I do (which is the same thing two different ways). Meanwhile, he has renewed my vision for life in him, and I have experienced the deepest peace and confident joy that I have ever felt.

Life isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. But Jesus is and his plan for my life is. For the first time in my life, I am excited about being out of control.

Seek HIM! Praise HIM! My God is awesome. So Awesome.

A joy-filled Katie


MARCH 25, 2015

God is so good.

He has massively ministered to my heart through his body and his Word. Isaiah 61 and 62 have been like fountains of water to my parched soul. I am learning to accept. I am trusting.

HE is more than enough.


A humbled Katie


MARCH 23, 2015


Twenty-four hours ago I was in a golden haze of happiness, now I find myself in an inky tunnel with no glimmer of light. 

I grope. Confused. Lonely.

Pain sears through my heart like a hot iron. I wish it would turn to a dull ache, but I feel so acutely. I have never truly felt sorrow until now. I have never truly lost.


Why? To draw me to you? To show me that you are all I need? To allow me to relate with others who’s hearts have bled? I want to encourage, yet I feel so empty. I want your best, but I feel like my future has been crushed into a thousand pieces.

Thank you that regardless of this season, I feel your presence. Thank you that you have a plan. Thank you that you are caring, loving and all knowing. Thank you that I can hope in you, when all my other hopes are scattered. Guide me through this tunnel into your marvelous light, and be with those who are hurting with me.


A fragmented Katie


JANUARY 12, 2015

No. This is not going to be an exfoliation of my life’s juicy details.

But, there are some parts of my pen and paper journal I would love to share with you all.

This is the up-close, Katie, just in case you’d be interested in knowing some of the stupid things I do and interesting things I learn when not writing as The Kathryn Joy.


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