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This is Kyla. And I’m going to tell you the TRUTH about my sister.

We’ll start with her blog posts on cooking. 

With a blogger in the family, more specifically,  The Kathryn Joy, we hear lots of talk about what kind of posts are the rage, what people need to hear, what is going viral ect.

And after all that, she just writes about life.

Turns out, this is what people crave. They love real. Katie is the most transparent person I know so this is right down her alley.

THM (Trim Healthy Mama) step aside; we have got a serious ectomorph on our hands . . . I created an acronym for her so she wouldn’t feel left out. She’s the only one in this club so far, but all three of you out there who share this uncommon gift can send me a 1,000 dollar membership fee and join. Steep? Let’s face it, you owe it to the rest of us regular people. The name is jazzy enough. HMEWYWASBFC: high-metabolism-eat-whatever-you-want-and-still-be-fit-club.

After reading her post and being throughly motivated, inspired, and encouraged a thought struck me. This was GREAT . . . but people ought to hear how IT REALLY HAPPENED. Not that Katie is telling made up stories, they are just from her point of view. And how it happens in her head is not how it APPEARS  to happen in “real life.”

Enter Guest Blogger.

Get cozy and listen to the first episode of how some of your favorite blogs come about. This is the story of How It Really Happens.


It took going over to a friend’s house for me to realize that Katie was a world renown cook.

They were asking her for tips, showing her their treasured recipes and praising her works of art. I even heard terms such as chef, connoisseur, and foodie being thrown around. I focused, scanning my memory for the obvious signs I seemed to have missed on what must have been a miraculous journey from student and writer to chef.

I can faintly recall Katie spending a few days (I’m being generous with the plural there) and an occasional night in the kitchen but that was for like what, a week?

I definitely hadn’t seen her there recently. That is, with the exception of picking in the sala and trying to beg some lunch off of me while talking about her latest project.


I take that back . . . since I’m writing the correct edition I’ve got to get the details right. I did see her smothering a bagel in cream cheese a couple of times when she couldn’t make it between meals. Even then the black burntness of the bagel contrasted nicely against the white of the cream cheese. I mean really, what world renown chef messes up with a good ol’ American-made twenty-nine dollar toaster?!

You see, Katie burnt everything . . . as she is typically quick to admit.

How does she come up with so many amazing ideas and creative ways to express them? I’ll tell you. Her mind is constantly in motion bouncing from one thing to the next. Only stopping long enough to share it with the rest of us, fire a boat-load of energy at it, and then she’s on to the next thing.

Cooking is no different.

I remember her once trying to defend her minimal cooking skills while her listener quietly watched an exemplary tortilla ‘n cheese go up in flames on the stove behind her.

As I searched deeper in my memory I recalled the messy hair, the furrowed brow, and all the antics mimicking Julia Child. But wasn’t that all just a show? Did she really know how to cook? If so, why hadn’t I noticed a weekly meal served a la Katie. I remember a 4 hr. shopping trip to buy 7 rare items (3 of which remain untouched to this day), a harrowing wine bottle explosion, pie grafts, journaling late into the night, lots of reading, and talk of a cooking school in France, and something about brûlée as I drifted off to sleep . . . but what did this all amount to?

I brought myself back to the present, I hadn’t come up with a lot of evidence to go off of, but in these disjointed random occurrences the mystery must’ve laid. 

Suddenly it hit me…

All these small things I had written off as strange experiments were actually a part of her journey to cook-dom. She took the most unconventional route, (think like the streets of San Fran vs. a highway through Kansas) but she had gotten there. Not uncommon for Katie. She does things diffferently.

While she still doesn’t spend copious amounts of time in the kitchen, the smoke alarm hasn’t gone off recently, and she has proven she CAN cook . . . if only to keep up her new found reputation ;).

Her newest project is our K’s in the Kitchen cooking show where you can actually see her cooking “skills” on camera . . . in all their glory. I think I’ll go milk an almond so I have something for breakfast . . . 


Thee Kyla Johnson as in THEEEE Kyla Cheri. No, no, no . . . like the one-and-only-forever-and-always~~Kyla Cheri.

Good day.


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