Kathryn Joy here.

Since my birth in 1995, I’ve been an Innovator, Idealist, and . . . different. I moved eighteen times before my eighteenth birthday, due to a father that gets as much joy as myself from trying new things. He named me “Katie” because he wanted someone full of personality. 

I fit the bill.

Today, my two passions are life-hacking motherhood, and entrepreneurialism.

The Love of my Life, my darling son, and another treasure coming soon . . . March 2018!
  •  Are you tired of being bound by society’s standards? 
  • Are you ready to make a difference?
  • Are you ready to pursue your unique God-Given talents?
  • Are you sick of the rat race, and living for the future of someday being able to do what you want to do . . . instead of living your dream now?
  • Are you looking to be fulfilled in motherhood?

Then, let’s be friends! 

I began this blog at 18, with a goal of recording my “different” life, as the eldest of 11 children.Today, I’m even more of a hopeless idealist, because I grew up in a family that dreams, and I married a man who makes our dreams become reality every single day. I have been told hundreds of times, “who cares if it’s unrealistic?”

And so I don’t.

Yet, I don’t pursue unique living for my own benefit. (Okay, so maybe some of it.) But I am more than a purposeless being waiting for eventual death. I’m a follower of Christ and He calls me to be different. Not just for different’s sake. But because He is different.

I hope you find some inspiration and tools here to go live your life a little different . . . a little more exciting . . . a little more passionate.

Not perfect. Just, different. 

Join me?


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  1. I was so happy to meet you Kathryn after your Dad coached the workshop in LA last week. He is an awesome coach and, he has a wonderful family, and you are such a great example . You are all such an inspiration for how happy and successful life can be! Thanks for joining us in LA! I look forward to seeing you there again. And feel free to check into the Coach Website and listen to Shannon Waller’s Weekly Planner and monthly Booster calls, and see Julia Waller’s Unique Ability video. Daughters are so fabulous!! I stand in awe of all of you! Love and hugs,
    Marilyn Waller

    1. It was so good to meet you too, Marilyn! I am very blessed by my father, and God has been so good to make him effective in many different walks of life! Thank you so much for your encouragement! I look forward to using the resources you mentioned, and seeing you again too! Love and hugs back, Kathryn Joy

  2. That was so funny that you would 8 years old that you want to marring Elijar in your journey. I love so hard that was so funny it just a funny story. I am not trying not to be mean at you guys. You guys great family when I saw katthryn joy in the mom view. I love your your story on the mom view

  3. Hi Kathryn! I just wanted to pop in to say your blog and youtube channel are really inspiring to me as a young mom. It’s so nice to see someone so dedicated to their family!

    Can you explain what you mean by your dad naming you Katie because it was spicy? I feel like I’m missing a joke (maybe a pun?)!

  4. I was pleased to learn of you from the Megan Fox (Unlocked) YouTube channel.
    This note is to sign up for your emails. Thank you!!

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