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Three Ways To Stay in Love

“Falling in love is a feeling, staying in love is an action.”  Today I showed up at church boiling mad at my husband. Like, the, I-Can’t-Even-Look-You-In-The-Eye-And-I’m-Probably-Going-To-Poke-Your-Eyes-Out kind of mad. We had a little disagreement before we left for church, but Elisha’s the guy that quietly processes, and I’m the one that needs to talk it… Read More Three Ways To Stay in Love


Hard Days

Today was one of those hard days you don’t realize was hard, until you find a moment of quiet, and all of a sudden that pile of insignificant little troubles tips over and nearly buries you. Maybe it’s the sweat still crawling on your skin, because you haven’t had the chance to shower after exercise.… Read More Hard Days

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My Unconventional Packing Method | Organized and Condensed

I’m a chronic overpacker. Like, chronic.  What’s worse?  I’m a disorganized overpacker (these things tend to go together). I squeeze, jam, and barely slide the zippers shut on my luggage, then as soon as we hit the hotel room, my bags erupt in all their glory. And stay that way. Until now.  Enter: another awesome Simple… Read More My Unconventional Packing Method | Organized and Condensed