6 Steps to Achieve your Goals EVERY SINGLE TIME!

Let’s face it.

We’ve all made goals and failed. We’ve all “tried” to lose that weight, become kinder, and shoot more elk than the Joneses.

Why do these goals never work?

Our goals don’t work because we make them, then sit back and expect them to complete themselves. It’s like Aunt Martha wondering why her seeds don’t sprout when she buries them in their little tombs and leaves.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution for Aunt Martha’s gardening, and there’s a simple solution for our goals. In case there weren’t enough 6-step-programs in this world, here’s another.

Proven to work 100% of the time.

If you do all these steps and still fail your goal. Contact me. I will eat a Tarantula and send you the video.

1. Make your goals SMART. Why?

(Because who want’s to set stupid goals….)

2. Tell Three People About your Commitment. Why?

Accountability is priceless. In fact, you can be my accountability partner for my 90-Day Challenge. (Your mom, or someone who’s going to think “you’re perfect, no matter what,” doesn’t count. Ok? Tell me. Tell your boss. Post your goals on social media.)

3. Write your Goals Down

Just by writing your goals down, you increase your chances of success by 44%! That’s a pretty good trade for five minutes of effort. (I bet you won’t even break a sweat.)

4. Read your Goals EVERY night before bed

**News Flash** IF WE THINK ABOUT SOMETHING, WE’RE MORE APT TO DO IT. (Which is why you should not think about hitting your brother with a wet noodle.)

When I think every night, “I am going to build 5lbs of muscle” there’s a much larger chance I’ll work out than if I never thought about building muscle. Make sense?

5.  Make a Cheesy Chart

“Cheese” makes nachos, sandwiches, and photographs better. It also makes your goals achievable! As a life coach, my Dad has seen countless goal-setters crush their goals with the power of the “Cheesy Chart.” You can learn how to make your own, but DO NOT judge the pictures…

6. Set Stakes

This one is a biggie. You are 77% more likely to achieve your goals if you set consequences/rewards! Most of us think “I can do without those” but we really don’t set stakes because we aren’t serious.

Put your money where your mouth is.

Pool money with friends and whoever succumbs to temptation last gets the pot.**Boom** Stakes and AccountabilityBuy tickets for a big game. If you make your goal, you go. But tell a couple friends that if not, they get the tickets. (They’ll keep you honest.)

I don’t know what floats your boat, but bite the bullet and create a little risk. Your goals will thank you.

There you go. Six simple Steps. Think it’s too basic to work? Well, you can always tack on sleeping towards the West, and pinching yourself 37x every time you look in a mirror, but all you’ll get is a sore body.

                       “What is simple to do, is also simple NOT to do.” -Jim Rohn

What are some goals you are going to make…and complete this quarter?


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