Dear Diary, Uncategorized

Day . . .


So, I’m back. 

The truth is, as much as I say I want to blog every day, I don’t. I should know I don’t do anything at all without a HUGE “why” and I won’t do something every. single. day. without accountability or someone counting on me. 

That’s why I have never, ever, missed a week posting on YouTube. I had a huge “why” and people were counting on me. 

Here, it’s like I’m a fly on Mars, and whether I escape the heat and lack of oxygen, or shrivel up like a crispy speck at the bottom of the oven, no one even knows. 

I do want to write. I still love writing. 

But, the question that remains is, how do I make myself do it consistently? 

Writing aside, my #nextlevellifestyle is thriving!! Elisha is killing it at bringing home the bacon, and every thing I put my hand to is slowly growing. I still haven’t hit a stage of momentum, but there’s something appealing about the grind, and I know I’m making progress. 

I simply love life. So stinking much. 



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