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Day Eleven: To Blur or Not to Blur

It was Sunday today, and for some reason my nerves were short by about 4pm. 

Lucy started fussing, and I sighed at Elisha, “she hasn’t been that fussy today. Why do I feel like she’s been an emotional wreck?”

He laughed. “It’s because it’s the weekend. I felt that way too. It seems like we should get the day off or something.”

That was it. I smiled.

Diapers still need changing. Bad attitudes still need to be worked with. Snacks still need to be handed out. 

Sundays don’t really feel like much of a rest day. But in so many ways, children bring us closer to God. 

I am so grateful I can trust God’s design when it comes to parenting. He knows we don’t need a weekend from our kiddos, so I trust he’ll give me the grace to thrive with them!

In other news, Elisha and I have been talking a lot about upgrading our equipment for filming.

I really want to get better lighting, but I’m torn between buying a vlogging camera or a lens with a lower aperture (aka fuzzy background). At first I wanted the fuzzy background lens, but part of me doesn’t want my viewers to get used to super high quality, because I like being more raw and unfiltered. On the other hand, bright, beautiful video is such a joy to watch and I do want my subscribers to enjoy the experience.

Decisions. Decisions.

It’s funny, because I only have 1,600 subscribers, but I feel like I have a huge community. It’s so, so, small, but I honestly am so grateful for each one of them . . . because without them being interested in my life I wouldn’t be able to earn a little extra change by doing what I love to do! I also wouldn’t get the same fulfillment out of doing my motherly duties. 🙂

A shared experience is 10x the fun. And YouTube brings so much joy to my life.

Tomorrow is Monday, so I had better get some rest.

I love Monday’s.


The Kathryn Joy  

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