It Doesn’t Matter if They’re “Cool”

JANUARY 21st, 2015

Sometimes, I don’t see people how God sees them. Sometimes I use the world’s measuring stick to judge whether I should be someone’s friend. Do we share similar interests? Do our personalities mesh? Do we have the same humor? Are they fun?

If the answer is “Yes” to all these questions, then you’d better believe we’re going to be friends. But…

“I am a Companion to ALL THEM who fear thee, and of them that keep they precepts.”
~Psalm 119:63

Yes, I use King James, but in normal English this lays out the ONLY TWO rules we should measure our companions by.

1. Do they fear God?

2. Do they strive to keep his precepts?

If so, it doesn’t matter if they are short, tall, cool, unattractive, studly, athletic, smelly or talented. It doesn’t matter if we cheer for the same sport teams or go to the same denominational church. It doesn’t even matter if our personalities get along! (Yeah, for a girl who is all about personality complementation this is a big deal ;).

God calls us to be friends.

Because you know what? There is unity in Christ! We are teammates in the same fight! We have the same leader, and we are in the same battle against evil!

As teammates, we put aside our differences because in the game of life, they don’t matter. In the big picture, we all have our eyes on the same prize and in the light of eternity, our different opinions on the next big election don’t matter!

Dear Jesus,

Give me eyes to see people as you do. Allow me to come alongside and bring encouragement and a friendly hand to ALL THOSE who fear you and keep your precepts. Give me an eternal perspective, I pray. Amen.

Let’s encourage each other as friends and fellow believers in Christ!


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2 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter if They’re “Cool”

  1. Amen. I wanna pray with you. And may it bring a smile to His face and joy to His heart as we reach anyone and everyone we come in contact with! 🙂

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