Love is NOT Blind

February 27th 2015

They say love is blind. “They” are wrong.

Love sees all weaknesses, blemishes, flaws, and errors, yet chooses to accept, not condemn. Love recognizes fears, bad habits, and struggles. Love understands imperfections and challenges exist, but works through them. Love saves. Love fights. Love never ends.

God is Love.

God loved me while I was still a sinner. He saw when I would bask in disgusting pride, he knew the hurtful words I’d say, and understood I would even reject him long before I did any of these things. He knew. He understood. Yet, he still loved.

Love is NOT blind.

Infatuation is blind. It only sees what it wants to see…the good, the perfect, the beautiful. But infatuation is fragile and crumbles at the first puff of reality.

Do we Love others as God Loves us? Do we love them when they’re imperfect? When they hurt us? When they don’t screw the toothpaste lid back on the toothpaste?

We’ve all been alive long enough to know life can hurt. We live in a fallen world, and even the most well-meaning people mess up. 

We can reject.

We can blind our eyes and hide our bitterness.

We can see, understand, and choose to love.

Jesus has been showing me what true love is recently as I come to understand more deeply what he has done for me. If he can love me, even knowing all my wrongs, surely I can allow him to live through me and love others.

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for loving me–not because I’m perfect–but because you see me for who I am and choose to love anyways. I am encouraged to be truly loved by so many, and I am blessed to love you. Completely. Come what may. Regardless of the truth.

I love, because Christ loved me and he indwells my heart. 

The term “Unconditional Love” is unnecessary, because all Love is unconditional.

Love is NOT blind.




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2 thoughts on “Love is NOT Blind

  1. Oh My Goodness! this exactly what God has put on my heart lately! I am blown away and inspired by this. one quote I would like to add…

    “when all the charm wears off all thats left is character”
    (Man-hood 101) just a book my mom got from a 2nd hand store one time.

    The biggest one i see in your story is “I can allow him to live through me and love others.” i’m like YESS!! in the bible it says :love your neighbor as yourself” so you have to love yourself then you can love others. (God loves to love people, but he loves to love people through his people.) i could go on and on… have a great day!

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