The 90-Day Challenge

Glad you’re here.

Are you foaming at the mouth, eager for a challenge? Are you desperately scanning the internet for new quest? Maybe you’re sick of failing those New Year’s Resolutions. If this is the case, you’re at the right spot.

Let’s dive in.

The Rules 

Your Tools.

Set no more than 2-3 primary goals. 

If you set 2-3 goals, you’re likely to achieve 2-3
If you set 3-10 goals, you’re likely to achieve 1-2
If you set 11 or more goals, you’re likely to achieve none of them. Think “Less.”

Mark the Definitive Start and End Dates of your 90-Day Challenge on the calendar.

It’s important to mark clear-cut deadlines. None of this, “I’ll start some time in March and end around late May.” A 90-day challenge must be measurable and SMART. 

Review the “6 Ways to Complete a Goal Every Time.”

This will be a life-saver. Even your New Year’s Resolutions may have succeeded if you utilized this list. Ninety days is a short, concise period of time. Go all in and focus on doing these six steps to make your goals.

Break your 90 Goals into Monthly/Weekly/Daily Bites.

At the end of ninety days, you aren’t going to have magically completed all your goals. Elephants don’t jump down your throat without you noticing. You need to have a plan for chopping up that beast and eating it one small bite at a time.  

That’s it.

“That’s it?” You ask. “What a joke! You promised to tell me how to do a 90-Day Challenge!”

All right you unbelievers. Here’s the pixie-dust.

*****The Magic*****

The 90-Day Challenge is similar to New Year’s resolutions, with one BIG difference. It’s narrow and dynamic. Instead of getting lost in on one, large, abstract year (where we believe the myth “there’s plenty of time”), the 90-Day Challenge breaks down our goals to make them tangible.

You can do anything for 90 days. A year sounds like a lifetime. But you could endure nearly ANYTHING for 90 days.

So…immerse. Have fun being intense, and focused, and dynamic. Pour all your heart into the next 90 days and leave the rest of the year for next quarter.

What is the challenge you’re going to start?

The Kathryn Joy

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