An Open Letter To The Girl Who Is Too Scared To Write

Dear Girl who is too scared to write,

You may be glowing with confidence, or you may be openly shy, but regardless, I know what you fear.
You fear when you put your thoughts and words to paper, hoping to encourage, hoping to bless,
Fellow women, will shake their heads at your pride, your insolence, your insensitivity. 
When you tell of your struggles, your triumphs, some will whisper you try to make yourself look perfect. 
When you bare your heart, tears dripping onto your keyboard, some you still offend. 
Your attempts at humor, will be misunderstood. 
Your attempts at authenticity dismissed as making yourself look better than you are. 
Your photos on media called misrepresentations.
This is the truth. 
Part of the truth. 
Some will read and delight in your openness, your freedom. 
Some will relate with your struggles and allow their own burdens to lift.
Many will understand, and be blessed, at your attempts to bless and be understood. 
Some women will never be the same because you chose to write.
You will hear rumors that some read a different meaning into your words,
But that is not enough to stop your heart from caring and your eyes from seeing.
Sometimes you won’t be able to explain your intentions–apologize for your clumsiness. 
Reiterate what you tried to say.
But that fear shouldn’t stop you from taking the risk.
The truth is, anytime someone takes action they accidentally make some disagree. 
Such is life.
You try to please the masses, but the select will scorn at your surfacey message.
You open the depths of your heart, but risk your audience nervously retreating, or boldly attacking the raw, the real, the story you didn’t think could possibly have any outcome but peace. 
Your words matter. 
Your words will change lives and impact souls. 
Be brave and write, dear girl. The world, however daunting, should hear what you have to say.
Don’t do away with sensitivity and tact and graciousness,
But know the reader’s understanding is colored by the glasses through which they read.
You can never hope to anticipate every pain-point, every childhood sensitivity, every emotional trigger.
So write in love.
And accept that the disagreeing few, are worth the joy of many.

~ From a Fellow Girl, Who Has Been Too Scared To Write  

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