The Key to Self-Development

Do you think you’re self-developing by reading a “Self-Development” book?

Think again.

That’s like watching a YouTube of how to clean your house, and expecting a clean home when you switch the computer off.

Funny thing is, we mentally assume we are actively getting something done when we read, watch, or listen to something “productive.” But the truth is nothing has changed.

The house is still dirty, we’re still 5-Steps-Short of the perfect marriage, and we still haven’t made that tough sales call.

But we feel different.

My dad was the guy with bookcases of self-development and business books–which led to my favorite book being, Money, Wealth, and the New Millennium at the tender age of 11. I know all too well about this gap between reading and actually developing.

HOWEVER, I’ve discovered one key step insures I’m actually self-developing every. single. day.

Inspiration + Action = Self-Development 

Read, Watch, and Listen

Read that book! Listen to the podcast! Watch that DIY YouTube!

But instead of thinking of that as “self-development” think of that first step as plugging your brain into a charging station. Let it light up with motivation, creativity, and will-power.

Then . . .

Take Action

Leverage all that brain juice!

NEVER (and I mean never) listen/read/watch self-development material without taking action. This, is where the actual development takes place as we apply what we learn. This means you may have to compromise taking action with doing it the “right” way . . . or “all the way.”

There will probably be an obstacle to taking action right away, but, choosing to push past that obstacle will give you a whole new sense of power!

Practical Examples

For me, this looks a few ways.

I watched a DIY on cleaning and organizing your closet last week. Right away, I wanted to rush to Michaels, buy all my organization paraphernalia, and organize the heap of clothes called “my wardrobe.”

Obstacle: I’d already spent my home decor budget.

Instead of putting it off until next week–where there’s 100% chance the excitement of closet organization would have worn off–I forced myself to sort, fold, and stack my clothes.

My closet doesn’t look much different than any other time I’ve organized it. There’s no fancy system and it’s going to get dirty again. 

But NOW I am ready to begin tackling creating a closet “system!” The first 80% is the hardest! 

When you read a self-development book in the morning, write down one key take away/quote from the book and apply it throughout your day. 

When you listen to an MLM podcast . . . maybe you don’t have the time to implement a system for training new leaders, but sit down, write a list of key leaders, and a list of tips that helped them grow. 

Just do the first 80%!

But DO something. 

That’s where the self-development happens. That’s where the compounding effect happens. That’s where the progress happens.

Here’s to massively launching our personal growth in 2018!

The Kathryn Joy

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