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Day Five: Total Win

Today was a huge step in what I’m calling my: “Next Level Life.” 

Catchy phrase, isn’t it. 😉 

I made three delicious, healthy meals! Elisha loved them. I loved them. And they were good for us! (The last time Elisha and I both drooled over the same meal was probably a date to Red Robin.)

I also made homemade bread!! 

Then, I moved all the furniture around in our living room and got rid of all the cluttery nooks. 

It looks so clean and inviting.  Of course, I still have to paint and redo the furniture, but it looks 10x better already. 

To top it off, I connected with a new customer and she wants to work with Elisha and I selling supplements because she had such a massive health transformation with our products! That makes my heart so happy. 

This is probably the worst written “thing” I have ever posted with the title of “blog,” but I’m so happy with everything in life right now I don’t even care. Exhausted, yet happy. 

Goodnight. Love,

The Kathryn Joy 

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