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Day Four: Ready for A Change

Ah! I almost forgot to write today! It’s late and I need to be going to bed, but before I cozy up with Elisha and read our Louise L’amour books, I need to jot a couple words. 

I’m ready for a life change. A reboot. A remodel. 

My brain is whirling full of ideas, dreams and goals, and far off in the dark recesses, part of it is praying I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight, despite my excitement. 

I’m excited to remodel our living room and alter some of the furniture so it goes together and doesn’t look so cluttery. I keep waiting until we buy a house, but it looks like we’ll be here through the winter, and by golly I love this place. It’s beautiful, and with a little chalk paint and fabric, I should have everything I need. 

I’m also excited to become a fabulous healthy cook, for once and for all. 

To be very specific, I cannot for the life of me understand why the art of salad making eludes me. 

Seems simple enough. Just chop a bed of lettuce and throw on a nut, fresh or dried fruit, a rich cheese, some dressing, maybe a meat. . . 

Someone will use the exact same ingredients and create a masterpiece, while mine tastes like an unloved child. 

However, I’m not throwing in the towel. I will learn. 

I also am very, very, excited about investing into a F 1.4 lens, and ring light to improve the quality of my YouTube videos. I love YouTube, and I want to create beautiful, inspirational, and thought-provoking content. I’m in this for the long haul, and I feel it’s time to put some money back into my business. 

This is a random side note, but Elisha and I are in such a sweet season of marriage. It’s one of those seasons we are SO in love and cannot get enough of each other. How wonderful is that?! Praise God. 

I need to go, so in sum:

I’m excited to become a great cook. A great homemaker. A great dresser. A great videographer.

I want to excel in the life God has so graciously given me. 

I cannot wait until tomorrow. 


The Kathryn Joy

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