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Day Two: Take One

I’m sitting here in bed at 7am on a Friday morning, training Leon to not get out of his closet-bed before 8am. 

Before 8am is my time.

And besides, it’s spooky to wake up to a one year old drawing on your eyebrows with a pen at two in the morning. Very spooky. 

The closet door keeps opening the tiniest crack, and I keep having to jump out of bed and train him. But the distance between the doors opening is getting longer, so I think he’s settling down in there.

If anyone reads this but myself and thinks it’s weird my kid sleeps in a closet, don’t freak out. It’s a nice little bunkbed room in a large closet and Leon loves it. As do I.

Ah. I cannot tell you how sweet it is to be writing without an “ask.”

I feel everyone everywhere is asking for a subscribe, like, follow, purchase, whatever. Everyone is selling. Everyone is buying. Everyone is keeping track of their metrics, analytics, view count, interaction.  

It’s not a bad thing. 

It’s what makes the 21st century world go round. People who fight it are fighting the economy and progress and change. 

I love all those things. 

The thing is, I also love to do things that are fun for me without worrying about “adding value,” or “monetization.” 

The beastly paradigm of the online world is you can do what you love, but you also have to work it like a business. It brings work home, and it’s sometimes hard to detangle your life passion from your bread and butter.

That’s why I deleted my “subscribe” button on here.

Writing is pure joy and I don’t care who reads, who subscribes, whether blogging is dead or on the rise, or whether or not I can “monetize” this “platform.”

Sure, I’m working the other platforms, and I believe it to be honest, gratifying, helpful work.

But at the end of the day, it’s just that, work. 

I am going to keep writing a pure joy. 

The Kathryn Joy

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