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One Subscriber

I have one subscriber on this blog. 

It’s me. 

Sure, that’s not the whole story. But the point is, I have one now. 

I’ve done the whole blogger thing backwards if I want to be a “real writer.” I created this site at 19, and yet haven’t blogged consistently for more than a month. I’ve had tens of thousands of views, but didn’t have a call–a reason–for people to form a community. Deleting my old list somehow didn’t help.

Trust me, this is no self-pity. It’s my mind wandering around the facts. 

I have a thriving YouTube. 

A growing Instagram. 

An INCREDIBLE “real-life.”

And yet, I can’t get this blog out of my mind.

I need to write. 

It’s a relaxer. A refresher. Something I need to do to let the thoughts out of my head. Everything is video and audio. Podcasts. Live streams. But right now I don’t care about the wave of the future. I just crave some good old-fashioned words. 

Do I write about being a Mother? That’s all over my Instagram. Cooking? That’s happening at IGTV. Cleaning, tips, hacks, skill-building, encouragement? Three times a week on YouTube. 

But I still want to write. 

For ME. 

So for the month of September, I’m going to write here every single day. Not inspiration, not encouragement, not tips and tricks and clever advice. 

Just life stuff. 

Like a journal. But public. 

I’m going to try and keep from saying anything I’ll regret in twenty years . . . or twenty minutes. But there are no promises. 

I’ve never done anything every single day for a month. Not even brush my teeth, or change my clothes, or . . . okay . . . I’m sounding like a really gross person. 

So here’s to a month of my restless thoughts coming out in words. 

No photos. No filters. No audio. No music.

I’m scared. 

But then again, I have only one subscriber, and I know her pretty darn well. 

Here’s to September. 

The Kathryn Joy 

P.S. I’m deleting the “Subscribe” button. You can subscribe on YouTube, follow me on IG, or watch my IGTV . . . but I don’t want to send you reminders to read this blog.

This is going to be an “off the menu” kind of thing. 

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2 thoughts on “One Subscriber

  1. Hi Kathryn! I ran across your blog a few years ago, and I just recently went and found it again. I knew from the first time I looked on here that I would enjoy it—you seem more “real” than most bloggers. You’re several steps ahead of me in life, as I’m a single, college-aged girl. But even if your material doesn’t always apply to me, I know I’ll enjoy hearing from you more often. 🙂

  2. Kristy!

    Haha, I honestly was shocked to see a comment on here! How fun! You are so sweet and I appreciate your encouraging words. 🙂 <3 What a fun stage of life you're in! I loved it, and it just keeps getting better. Hugs.

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