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My Unconventional Packing Method | Organized and Condensed

I’m a chronic overpacker. Like, chronic. 

What’s worse? 

I’m a disorganized overpacker (these things tend to go together). I squeeze, jam, and barely slide the zippers shut on my luggage, then as soon as we hit the hotel room, my bags erupt in all their glory.

And stay that way.

Until now. 

Enter: another awesome Simple System for 2018! 

This year, Elisha and I would be making our annual 2-3 week trip to Southern California with baby gear in tow, so I had to find a solution to this over packing madness. Last year, I brought 16 pairs of shoes. This year, I was adding a stroller, car seat, diaper bag, 30 cloth diapers, a pack n’ play, and a lot of other baby paraphernalia. 

With two days until take-off, I began scouring YouTube, looking for a packing method that would allow me to pack all my stuff, AND keep it organized while I lived out of our suitcases. 

I found many methods to fold your clothes, roll your clothes, and cram your clothes into vacuum bags. 

This was great for the overpacking problem, but I knew as soon as I got to our vacation rental, I was going to be digging through my suitcase trying to find where I stuffed that pink tank-top, and it would be Mt. St. Helens all over again. 

That’s when I found some boxes of cardboard, and applying a combination of folding and rolling techniques I learned on YouTube, came up with the most organized and systematized packing method I’ve tried to date. 

This short video shows you the results of a little duct tape and canning jar boxes. 

It’s bad footage, but I think you’ll love the outcome! 

Hello to packing lots of stuff in small spaces . . . and keeping it organized!! 

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  1. I loved this post on how to pack. Well done! That being said, I do not know how to leave a reply on the YouTube channel, Which I would like to do. Help!

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