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What’s in my Diaper Bag? Organizational Secrets

Until three months ago, my diaper bag on it’s best day, was your diaper bag on it’s worst day. (And I know your diaper bag has some pretty bad days.)

For some reason, it was a magnet for banana peels, bottles of sunscreen, lotion, bobby pins and dirty diapers. 

I didn’t mind the garbage so much . . . the problem was what I NEEDED was never in the bag, and the dawn of my second child was upon me. I could hardly keep necessities with me for Leon. How was I going to remember diapers and bottles and wipes for two?! 

I turned to YouTube. 

I found expensive solutions I knew wouldn’t work for me or my budget. 

But then, I found this simple system. 

May your bag be as simply organized as mine now is. 


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