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One Subscriber

I have one subscriber on this blog.  It’s me.  Sure, that’s not the whole story. But the point is, I have one now.  I’ve done the whole blogger thing backwards if I want to be a “real writer.” I created this site at 19, and yet haven’t blogged consistently for more than a month. I’ve… Read More One Subscriber

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Three Ways To Stay in Love

“Falling in love is a feeling, staying in love is an action.”  Today I showed up at church boiling mad at my husband. Like, the, I-Can’t-Even-Look-You-In-The-Eye-And-I’m-Probably-Going-To-Poke-Your-Eyes-Out kind of mad. We had a little disagreement before we left for church, but Elisha’s the guy that quietly processes, and I’m the one that needs to talk it… Read More Three Ways To Stay in Love


Skittles: Our First Fight

“You’ve had enough,” I playfully tugged the bag of Skittles out of Elisha’s hand, and sat back on the pillows to finish our movie. “What was that about?” I glanced over, shocked to see Elisha’s mortified face. What on earth was wrong? “Katie, give me back my skittles.” “Are you kidding? You’ve already had more than… Read More Skittles: Our First Fight


Don’t Leave your Love

Have you ever lost your passion to practicality? Have you ever left your love for life? As children, we are born with innate passion and drives. At eight years old, I discovered a love of transporting myself through fiction and was delighted to find I could create my own beginnings–my own endings–on paper. Before long, I was… Read More Don’t Leave your Love